Framing is intended to enhance, display, and protect artwork. Frames are traditionally wood, but can be made of other materials such as silver, bronze, plastic, gold, and even glass. Frames can be any color and are many different textures with elaborate molding related to subject matter.

Z’s can order nearly any frame you can imagine for your framing project. Here in the shop we cut frame pieces to size and build your frame by hand, and every project we frame has a “Z’s lifetime” warranty; as long as Z is alive, we’ll repair our work.


Mat or mount is thin, paper-based material placed inside frames. Mats are decorative, but they also serve many functions like separating the art from the glass and absorbing moisture and vibrations.  Artwork can be damaged by matter that builds up on the glass, but mats protect against this. Mats also help keep pieces in place, as shifting can damage the artwork.

At Z’s we can cut mats to nearly any shape or size. See examples of our matting in the gallery.


Engraving, originally done with burning or carving tools, has been used to adorn books and stones for centuries. Engraving, whether traditional or laser, adds a unique personalization to any gift. Though there is some discoloration depending on materials, most surfaces can be engraved.

Z’s sells gifts such as water bottles, keychains, flask sets, and more that can be personalized with engraving, or customers can bring in their own items for engraving. For examples of past engraving projects, check out our gallery.

Art Work

Artwork is used for expression and decoration. We understand that in order to be appreciated for years to come, art must be preserved. Whether you purchase artwork from our shop or bring it to us from elsewhere, we will work to preserve your artwork in the best way possible.

Here at Z’s, we showcase various local artists and have prints and other gifts available for purchase. Stop by the store to see our selection of prints, woodworking, and more.

KIA Memorial Bracelets

A KIA or memorial bracelet is a cuff-style bracelet usually made of metal or leather engraved with the name of a traumatic event or a person who has died. The bracelets are worn to show support and remembrance. KIA bracelets are combat bracelets to remember fallen comrades. Common script for these types of bracelets are made up of 3 lines (name and rank, unit and date, and location; order may vary). Phrases are sometimes engraved on the inside, as well.

Z’s is dedicated to caring for the loved ones of fallen soldiers. We present a memorial photo to the Unit, which is then presented to the family, and we provide memorial bracelets for each family member. If you or someone you know has lost a family member, please let us know. All gave some, and some gave all; we do what we can to take care of those who’ve given all.


No project is too big or too small for Z’s. If you have a project that doesn’t fit one of these categories, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.